The Top 10 Interesting Things to Know About Certified Nursing Assistants

1) Being a CNA can be an extremely rewarding career. Some people may report that they get a great amount of joy from helping other people, and seeing their patients living an easier life because they are there to help.

2) Certified Nursing Assistants typically earn a fair wage, $12 per hour in the US on average. Sure, it’s not as high as an RN, but they don’t have to be in school as long as an RN, and it may be a higher wage than what you’d earn for working unskilled labor or a retail job in many cases.

3) The process of becoming a CNA isn’t as confusing as many people think. Sure, you need to meet some preliminary qualifications, and attend class and pass the state test, but that’s the general flow of things, and it won’t take to all that long to get through it.

4) CNA training may vary in length compared to other nursing disciplines, such as RN, BSN, and other careers. It may be as short as a few months (depending upon your state regulations), and because of that it’s possible that it may be able to be completed sooner. This may not always be the case though, and there is not set rule on how long training is for any specific school, etc. This can depend largely on the choices of a student as well as other various factors.

5) CNAs may be able to work in a number of locations, such as hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and other health care facilities such as hospice centers.

6) The career outlook for Certified Nursing Assistants is quite good. As long as there are sick people, someone will need to care for them, pursuing education to become a CNA is not a waste of time; it’s not a fad career that won’t be around in a few years. According to the BLS, the rate of growth for CNAs is “faster than average.”

7) Becoming a CNA is a great way to find out if you like nursing without a big investment of time or money. You can spend a little money and time to get your CNA certification, and if you don’t like it, you won’t have wasted two to four years in school to be an RN and a lot of money.

8) If you do like it, you can study to become an RN while you are working as a CNA. This is a path that some people choose because it gives them career experience and money to pay for their RN degree.

9) Being a CNA will help build your caregiving skills, and those skills can transfer to another medical career, even if you decide to leave the nursing profession. As an EMT, phlebotomist, or other medical professional, you’ll still need some of the basic skills you learn as a CNA.

10) In some states, you may be able to take a portion of your training online. You won’t be able to take all of it online, but depending upon where you live, you might be able to take part of the lecture section of the class online, and that may help to free up your schedule and make it easier for you to complete your training if you’re someone who is pressed for time.