Technology Advancing Education: Can CNA Classes be Taken Online

There’s no doubt that technology has advanced the way that we learn, and has made education more accessible to a larger number of people through online courses and distance learning. Now, more than ever before, people are able to lead their normal (and usually busy) lives, and still have time for school without setting a few nights a week or more aside for school. People are now able to attend class via the internet, and complete assignments when it’s the easiest for them. The question that a lot of people have though is about CNA training, and other medical classes, and it’s “Can these classes be taken online?” There is a short answer and a long answer to this question, and the simplest answer is yes—you can take Certified Nursing Assistant courses online. The thing that you can’t do is take them only online. This means that you’ll need to take at least some of your training in person, and this depends on the state where you live because some states won’t allow you to take them online at all (you would need to check with your local board of nursing to find out).

As web technology progresses, so does the opportunity for educational advancement. Apple’s iTunes University, for example, offers free medical training courses. There are also resources such as the Red Cross that offer online options. If you search medical directories and resource hubs, you may also find free CNA classes online. These courses may not fulfill all state certification requirements, but they should fulfill the necessary base required to continue with your nursing training. Not even progressing internet technology can fully replace in-person training, such as practicing CPR on a course dummy, for example.

You might be thinking that this isn’t fair, and that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take them all online, but quite frankly—you’re wrong. The reasoning behind the requirement by most schools to only allow students to take some of their CNA classes online is quite simple: there are just some things that can’t be learned over the internet, and CNA training is one of them. Sure, you can read medical books and understand some theory, but in order to truly understand and master the skills, you’ll need to take your classes in person and physically perform the skills. And this decision isn’t up to the schools in the end anyway, it’s the state where you live that decides the rules on this, and some states don’t allow students to take their CNA classes online at all, so if your state does and you’re interesting in doing this, then consider yourself lucky!

To sum things up, CNA classes can in fact be taken online in some states, but you’ll still need to spend some time in the classroom in order to get your CNA training done, and there is no way around that and it’s something that will most likely never change. However, you need to stop and think for a moment if that’s discouraging to you because it shouldn’t be. To find out more information about whether you can take your CNA classes online, check with the department of health in your state and local schools that offer CNA courses.